Chants tsiganes p56

Chants tsiganes p56

Paris: Cité de la Musique. 80 pages and audio CD.

This book is the first of a series published by the Cité de la Musique, and supervised by Luciana Penna Diaw. It aims to provide pedagogic materials in an ethnomusicological spirit, primarily for music teachers.

After a general introduction on rromani (Gypsy) history and culture, this book presents eight samples of the repertoire of an amateur Rroma singer from a village near Bucharest. The songs are translated and analyzed, and pedagogic pathways are described. An audio CD presents the referenced songs and their variants, performed by various Gypsy musicians. The overall intent is to illustrate notions of freedom, wit and fantasy, which are important in many Gypsy communities in Romania. The challenge of the book is to bring these notions in range of French music teachers, to help them build meaningful sessions of musical practice with their pupils.



Nanterre: Société d'ethnologie. 230 pages and multimedia DVD.

The book concentrates the work developped in my doctoral thesis. By combining ethnography with musical analysis, I have tried to shed a light on concepts of "cunning" and "slyness", as seen by Rroma professional musicians in Romania. The book focuses on the link which binds cleverness to a certain conception of pleasure, emotion and group belonging. Many visual, musical and interactive documents are presented on the attached DVD.

The book can be ordered in most French bookstores and online.

You can also download the complete pdf of the book here.I supply this file because the book cannot currently be ordered in countries such as Romania (only few online bookstores deliver there). Please note that the DVD (which I can't supply on this website) is an essential part of the argument.

The interactive and audio examples of the DVD are now available online:

A detailed abstract is available below (in French). Alternatively, the English abstract can be downloaded here.