I work as an anthropologist, I play and compose music, I design websites and experiment various things with free software.

On this site you’ll find things about my research, some music I’ve recorded, links to my web projects, and some geeky hacks I’ve found useful.


Latest posts

  • Hora moldovenitico

    The main instrument here is a kaval in B flat, beautifully carved in cane wood by Lucas Fovet.    The original tune (first two parts) is a hora  from Romanian Moldavia. It was played to me on violin by Neculai Andriescu from Cordăreni. I added two other melodic parts and a bass-chords accompaniment, trying to reproduce the harmonic feeling of the small amplified ensembles of lăutari (Roma professional musicians) from that region. I owe a special debt in this respect to the ...
  • Recording with a kaval

    This video showcases a kaval made by Lucas Fovet. Lucas makes beautiful flutes out of cane (and occasionally bamboo). All of them are very precisely tuned, and Lucas is usually happy to adjust them in various ways to the player’s needs . The B flat kaval in this recording is tuned to equal temperament, which makes it suited for playing with a rich harmonic accompaniment. Your browser can’t read HTML5 videos?! You can still trythe direct link. The tune is freely adapted from a hora dance w...
  • Control VLC through DBUS (for shortcuts etc.)

    This is a handy way to control running instances of VLC from external scripts (if you invoke vlc in the script, there are better interfaces like rc). It’s also useful if want to control VLC through keyboard shortcuts while it’s running in the background. If your window manager doesn’t pass the shortcuts to the background process (xfwm4 at least doesn’t), you can start by issuing this in a shell: dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.vlc /org/mpris/MediaPlayer2 org.mpris.Med...