I work as an anthropologist, I play and compose music, I design websites and experiment various things with free software.

On this site you’ll find things about my research, some music I’ve recorded, links to my web projects, and some geeky hacks I’ve found useful.


Latest posts

  • 2017 with Christine Langlois and Vanessa Manceron: “L’emprise des sons”

    Terrain n°68. Coordinated by Vanessa Manceron, Christine Langlois and Victor A. Stoichita. Full issue available online. Some contributions also available in English.  This issue of Terrain deals  with sound as a form of action on other persons’ health and mental dispositions. The aim is to discuss cultural theories of acoustic (especially musical) efficacy by adopting a symmetrical viewpoint on the therapeutical and pathological influences attributed to sound in various societie...
  • 2017 with Bernd Brabec de Mori: “Postures of listening: An ontology of sonic percepts from an anthropological perspective”

    Terrain (online), section “Symposia and Debates”. Full text and audiovisual examples online. This essay identifies and describes three ways of listening that are available to all human beings. Beforehand, we argue that the concept of “sound”, as borrowed from acoustics and commonly used in anthropology, is too vague and too limited. In order to be able to understand the full range of human auditory experiences as found in ethnography, as well as the social interactions which they afford, we pr...
  • 2017 “Musicopathies La musique est-elle bonne pour la santé ?”

    [Introduction to] Terrain n°68 “L’emprise des sons”, p. 4-25. Full text available online (in French). In various societies around the world, certain sound practices are invested with the capacity to transform the psyches or bodies of listeners, with or without their consent. This article offers an overview of some of these theories. The analysis of the various principles of efficacy invoked shows that sounds sometimes appear as active principles (drugs or medicines), sometimes as facilitator...