I grew interested in opensource software in the early 2000's. I rely extensively on computers for important aspects of my work (like processing audio/video documents, managing bibliographies and writing papers, mixing and making music). The opensource ecosystem provides long-term reliability, good software, good documentation, and a friendly approach to the tools I need.

I've been a Linux user since 2004. Apart from system administration, I got to grips with various software for my PhD and my book (both typeset in LaTeX), for some conferences which involved video subtitling (Aegisub), for musical notation (Lilypond) or sound analysis (Sonic Visualizer), for musical projects which I recorded and mixed in Ardour, or sequenced live using Freewheeling or Sooperlooper... In Gnu-Linux tricks, you’ll find some tips and tools which I have found useful for research and for music playing.

In 2006 I started to make websites for friends and NGOs. These projects and their rationale are described in Web projects. Some techniques which I’ve found useful in the process can be found in the Web tricks.