I started to play piano when I was about 6. Classical music in conservatory… But gave up after some years. I then experimented guitar, bouzuouki, bendir, pandeiro, sanza, jaw harp, harmonica, tin whistle, kaval, ney, some gamelan instruments, occasional singing, and various stuff with computers. Of course, I gave up all attempts to play any of these well! This would have ment to choose one instrument and stick to it faithfully. I’m not good at that. But I like to play a bit of all, to improvise, jam, and compose my own stuff.

Live projects

  • In the late 1990s I used to play in an acoustic rock band called Fleurz. We did busking in various places outdoors. A lot of fun (occasionnaly some money too)! No trace of that on the internet.
  • Between 2000 and 2006 I used to accompany story-tellers. We performed in children and adult performances. I worked with Charles Piquion, Julien Tauber and other artists of the collective La Parole.
  • in 2008-9 I did some "world electro" sets with Rafiralfiro and his trio. I recorded on three tracks of their album too.
  • Since 2011 I occasionally perform in the Pantcha Indra gamelan ensemble.
  • In 2013 I performed music in the theater play Zobar, directed by Monica Heintz.

Music production

  • Some jingles for Radio France Internationale (used in French learning course called Le français, ça vous chante?).
  • Music of the film Beyond the borders directed by Bartolomeo Conti, Richard Prost and Sharon Weill,
  • Since 2010 I record things with my wife in our binomial project called Antiduşmani.

Hora Moldovenitico

Kaval and synth, adapted from a moldavian tune. Details here.

Final scene

Death comes to get the knight. Ondine forgets everything... Adapted from a traditional javanese gamelan tune. More on this here.

Glorious fusta

Our version of a popular greek dance song of the "skyladiko" kind. More on this here.