From the soundtrack of the documentary film Au delà des frontières (Borders), by Bartolomeo Conti, Richard Prost and Sharon Weill, 2004 (8 et plus productions, Paris).


For the opening/closing credits of the film. The synthesizer is playing a rhythmic drone note with a rich sound, obtained through a rough mix of triangle-shaped waves. To this I applied a bandwidth filter, controlled through the keyboard's mod-wheel. The melodic line is perfomed on a syrian ney


My friend Korish Taba, playing the 'ud during a party back in 1997... To his chorus, I added some drops.


Drum'n'lute, for a "fast-forward" sequence of the film. The instruments here are pandeiro (played verically like a ganjira), jew's harp, bulgarian kaval, and sampled drums and bass guitar.