In limbo (with Rafiralfiro trio)

200x115-images-stories-rafiralfiroSince 2008 I occasionally perform with Rafiralfiro and trio. The trio is designed as a blend of "electro-dub-hop" (Raf's main work) with bass guitar (Ertug Tahmaz) and drums (Pierre Ickovic). In this context I play kaval flute, bouzouki, sanza and jew's harp, sometimes with electronic effects added.

In december 2009, the trio recorded its first physical album, named In Limbo. I contributed on two tracks. 

This music is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


My contribution here is bouzouki at the begining, then a short sanza riff, later some turkish kaval (played more like a qasba) recorded twice for fuller sound, and eventually bulgarian kaval on the last chorus.

At the beginning and the end, I tried to melt kaval sounds in the "ambiance" created by Raf (bells, sweeping pads and echoed sounds). After the drum stops and before the kaval starts over again, I played some bouzouki as a transition for the "clinking" side of this ambiance.