Kagok Semarang is a traditional gamelan tune, performed here by Estelle Amy de la Bretèque in several playback takes. I realized different mixes to accompany a friend's mise-en-scène of the play Ondine by Jean Giraudoux. The play was staged twice as my friend's final project at the professional theater school Cours Florent in Paris.


A 20 minutes loop (cut to 2 minutes here) played during public's entrance and first moments of the play.

Between act I and II

The stage is dark. The knight wakes up between two paths of light and hesitates on which of them to follow.

Act II

Remix of the Allegro of Sympĥony n°34 by W. A. Mozart. Made it to last only 20 seconds (!),  as a jingle to the king & court's entrance. 

Final scene

Death comes to get the knight. Ondine forgets everything...