Manele in Romania: Cultural Expression and Social Meaning in Balkan Popular Music, M. Beissinger, A. Giurchescu and S. Rădulescu (eds.), Rowman & Littlefield, p 163-184.

This paper attempts to describe the parodic aspects of the manea, a popular (and controversial) music genre in Romania. Click here to download


Audio/video documents discussed in the article

You will find below the audio/video documents discussed in the text. The ones with a blue background were originally audio recordings, which I transformed to videos in order to subtitle them.

"Who's the Big Boss" (Cine-i mare barosan), by Little Sorin the Kid (Sorinel Puştiu)

I found this recording on

"The Bomb of all Bombs" (Bomba bombelor), live by Little Sorin the Kid (Sorinel Puştiu)

Released on the album Şarpe lângă casa ta.

"Come for a ride, gal" (Hai gagico la plimbare), by Florin Fish (Florin Peşte)

The videoclip can be seen on

"My father is a squire" (Tatăl meu este boier), live by Florin Salami (Florin Salam)

Found on

"Cinderella" (Cenuşăreasa) by Odeon & Costel Geambaşu

Initial recording on a tape circulated illegally between 1984 and 1989. Re-issued on a compilation CD accompanying the magazine Taifasuri nr. 194, 13-19/11/2008.

"And if you get on my nerves..." (Şi dacă mă enervezi), live by Cristi Nut

Recorded during a wedding in Iaşi.