Bernard Lortat-Jacob’s blog. Online at

Probably the first website I did for someone else. Bernard was retiring from a busy career as a research director in ethnomusicology at CNRS. He wanted a place to gather his works, his songs, some thoughts about music, and generally to occupy his new spare time. The challenge was to build

  • a clear navigation system for the user (Bernard had over 30 years of realisations to share),
  • a personalised visual theme (something that would be both simple and unique),
  • a technical infrastructure which he could use without my help (Bernard loves technology but is by no means a "geek").

We worked together a lot. I implemented things using Joomla 1.5 and picking some plugins which would facilitate his workflow. I haven’t touched that site since 2008. I’m quite happy to see that Bernard has it still up and running in 2015.