Personal websites

Website of the École de capoeira angola de Paris. Online at

I enjoyed being an active angoleiro at the ECAP for some years. I learned quite a few things there, thanks to Mestre Guarà and the nice galera he gathered around him. As I had some spare time, I offered to maintain the school’s website. It had been built by a former student using SPIP. This was an interesting experience, but technically speaking it felt more like patching a sinking boat, than actually administering a website. When I took over in 2007, most of the scripts were written in php3… But it worked, and Guarà and I kept it working some more time. I reviewed the scripts for compatibility, managed to upgrade SPIP to a newer version, added a media player, and an agenda.

I’m no longer doing capoeira. I feared that the site would break some day, and I knew it had accumulated so many hacks that a new webmaster would have had a hard time to take over. So in summer 2014, I set to rebuild the site from scratch using Joomla 3. This replaced the SPIP version and is the one currently online.

Guarà manages the contents by himself. We worked together to ensure the simplest workflow for that. I also tried to stick as much as possible to "raw" Joomla 3. For example, the template is a mod of the default protostar, rather than one of those fancy templates with many buttons to facilitate admin’s work, but which require a whole "framework" to run. When Guarà finds a new tech admin, that guy’s part should be easier, I hope, since there is really no idiosyncratic logic here to understand. Also, the list of extensions to update is pretty minimal.

Personal website of Estelle Amy de la Bretèque. Online at

A place for Estelle to give access to her work as an anthropologist and a musician. Offers downloads of her publications, with relevant audio/video documents. Also announces her talks, her musical performances, and some recordings she made (including our joint project Antiduşmani). The section "Research fields" is a commented image gallery, which I find both poetic and informative.

I used Joomla 2.5 for this site, with a few extensions and some personal customizations. I tried to arrange things so that Estelle could manage the site all by herself. She has been doing that successfully since 2013.

Bernard Lortat-Jacob’s blog. Online at

Probably the first website I did for someone else. Bernard was retiring from a busy career as a research director in ethnomusicology at CNRS. He wanted a place to gather his works, his songs, some thoughts about music, and generally to occupy his new spare time. The challenge was to build

  • a clear navigation system for the user (Bernard had over 30 years of realisations to share),
  • a personalised visual theme (something that would be both simple and unique),
  • a technical infrastructure which he could use without my help (Bernard loves technology but is by no means a "geek").

We worked together a lot. I implemented things using Joomla 1.5 and picking some plugins which would facilitate his workflow. I haven’t touched that site since 2008. I’m quite happy to see that Bernard has it still up and running in 2015.