I recently ripped a 5 CDs collection of "1001 sound effects". There was no CDDB info for it, so the tracks came all as "01 - 1001 Sound effects.flac", "02 - 1001 Sound effects.flac" and so on. This makes the ripped files pretty useless. I needed meaningful filenames in order to later find specific effects.

Fortunately, a website had the complete list of 1001 names (someone may have OCRd the booklet). I copied/pasted it in a text file named ListeCD1.txt, one name per line. Then with the help of this stackoverflow answer,  I could batch-rename all the files in the CD1 directory (I actually used cp to a new directory rather than mv in place, just to be safe)

files=( *.flac )


while read -r newname; do

    cp "${files[$i]}" "renamed/`printf %02d $(( i+1 ))`_$newname.flac";

    (( i++ ));

done < ListeCD1.txt