This Joomla 3.x plugin displays bibliographies from libraries made publicly available on To insert a bibliography in your content write something like {zotbib author="Wittgenstein" itemType="book"}. This will be replaced by a formatted list of all the books authored by Wittgenstein which are in your Zotero library.

Source code and detailed instructions at

Zip the files together (or choose the "download zip" option) to install it to your Joomla 3.x website.


  • Numerous  filters are available to match specific sets of references.
  • References can be sorted in various ways.
  • Abstracts can be displayed with a toggle button.
  • Can display iframes from the "extra" field of a reference.
  • Formatting style can be chosen in the backend.
  • Other styles can be added by uploading csl files.
  • Can work in conjunction with the Community Builder component to automatically display the bibliography of each member on his/her profile.
  • Local cache of the zotero library: only queries the local database on display.
  • Cache is periodically refreshed from in the background.
  • Tested to work with relatively large libraries (3000+ references).

The plugin can be seen in action on the profile pages of my research team: tabs named "Textes", "Communications", "Dans les médias" or "Multimedia".