Jevents is a Joomla addon to manage events in a calendar. Jevents comes with a module used to display selected events (forthcoming, latest etc.) on any page of the website. The module can display the title of the event, its description etc. However, it cannot natively display however an image inserted in the event’s description. My plugin allows for this.


The Jevents website offers a plugin (available to subscribers only) to manage event images. It is called Standard Images and Files (jevfiles). However, I personally found it cumbersome to use on the websites which I developed. It has its own interface and logic of managing the files on the server. I prefer to have a unified way to upload pictures for Joomla articles and for events. In my (little) experience, this is less confusing for the unexpert users, and easier to manage for the admins.

On my websites I use the image upload facility of the JCE editor.  JCE can create individual folders for each user. All his/her pictures will go there so the admin knows who uploaded the picture, and can delete it if the user is gone.

My own plugin is just a heavily simplified version of the Jevents Standard Images and Files (jevfiles) to get the image straight from the event description (where editors like JCE, TinyMCE and the like would put it).

Instructions and download on github :