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Illustration : Adrià Fruitós

Illustration : Adrià Fruitós
Terrain n°68 “L’emprise des sons”, p. 132-149.

Full text available online (in French).

Since the Second World War, research has been taking place in Europe and North America to exploit acoustic waves for offensive use. In this “non-lethal” arsenal, music is invoked as an effective means of reaching the innermost psychological reaches of the people targeted. Juliette Volcler explains how this menacing imaginary is closely linked to behavioural psychology and to the wider field of sound manipulation that emerged from the 1930s in the context of theatre, cinema and ambient music.

Review of the book: Susana Moreno Fernández, Salwa E. Castelo-Branco, Pedro Roxo and Iván Iglesias (eds.), Current Issues in Music Research. Copyright, Power and Transnational Music Processes, Lisbon, Edições Colibri, 2012.

In Revista Portuguesa de Musicologia, 3(2), p. 215-222, 2016. Online at http://rpm-ns.pt/index.php/rpm/article/view/306

Review of the book for Cahiers d'ethnomusicologie 21: "Performances".

Defended in december 2006 at University Paris Ouest Nanterre la Defense. This thesis was awarded the highest distinction by French academic conventions ("Mention très honorable, avec les félicitations du jury à l’unanimité").

I worked in Zece Prăjini, a Rroma (Gypsy) village at the center of the Moldavian region, where most men are professional musicians. Drawing on an innovative combination of ethnography and musical analysis, the thesis interogates the notions of cunning (şmecherie) and slyness (ciorănie), which are central to villagers’ accounts of their music making and their daily life.

Review of the disk for Cahier des Musiques Traditionnelles 15: 216-218.