Documents of my book Fabricants d’émotion.

Not technically a website since the interface was meant to run from a DVD. Still, it is done in HTML and CSS, and in now available online too.

My aim was to enable the reader of the book to access in a convenient way the documents analysed in the text. These documents are of three kinds: audio, video, and interactive animations using Flash. Each document has a number as its primary reference. When hovering over that number, additional info is given: title of the doc, chapter in the book, a short description. Clicking on the number opens a page with the doc itself.

The interface is deliberately minimalistic. Perhaps too much so by today’s standards. There are no fancy graphics, no images, no special fonts…

On the other hand I took great care to use only the most "orthodox" coding techniques. This seemed the best way to secure some durability and cross-browser stability. So the interface is W3C valid and entirely accessible even to text browsers. For me, the most interesting challenge resulting from this choice was to make "on hover" popups in plain CSS (rather than javascript).

Additionally, I wanted the interface to be just what its name implies: something that mediates between the user and the documents, but does not impede the former to access them directly. So the document files are well at hand on the DVD, in clearly indicated folders. They can be opened with external software, copied individually, etc.